Hello everyone!  For awhile now I have been thinking a lot about starting a blog, mainly just regarding my reflections and views on things happening around me.  The second half of 2015 in particular was a time of huge growth for me, and I developed a lot of thoughts about several topics that are still floating around inside my head.  I thought that this would be a good way to record them, share my ideas with the world, and start discussions.

TO BE CLEAR: as of right now pretty much all I am planning on writing about are my OWN thoughts about my OWN experiences.  I might make bold claims and assumptions without a ton of background research, and I can only hope that anyone reading my posts will understand that.  I will obviously have lots of biased claims based on my personal background, but I think that is okay.  The blog is purely a form of journaling for myself.  Hopefully that makes my intentions clear.

For anyone who might not know me well, I am a recent-ish college grad (May 2015) currently working at College Possible in Milwaukee, a nonprofit dedicated to getting low-income students to and through college to a bachelor’s degree.  Needless to say, the people that I work with and the students that I interact with on a daily basis have been the inspiration for almost everything that I have been thinking of for the past few months.  I have gained a lot of insight into sides of Milwaukee that I never thought about despite having grown up in the city, and insight when it comes to social justice issues in general and how those directly affect me.  Interacting with passionate coworkers, all of whom I respect to no end, has given me a chance to expand my future goals and find out what I might really want to do with my life.  College Possible is not what this blog is about and I certainly do not represent the organization as a whole, but it has been the foundation for my growth since I started there in August.

I cannot tell if blogging will become a habit of mine, or if I will ultimately add much to the constant overarching discussions regarding some of the issues I want to talk about, but I want to give it a shot.  Who knows, maybe I have some profound thoughts after all.  Hope you enjoy!


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