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Saying goodbye (to my students).

As I write this, I’m in a pretty weird place mentally.  I honestly haven’t planned this post out at all and don’t know what to say.  But today deserves recognition.  With my term of service with College Possible at an end and all of our end-of-year celebrations over, I can’t help but think about what… Continue reading Saying goodbye (to my students).

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Great Stories Part VII: Being a Friend

S is one of those students that is completely dedicated to College Possible and the people in it, especially since CP supported his brother when he needed it the most.  S is also a naturally friendly, happy, energetic person and is always a fantastic student to talk to.  Whenever I asked if he was willing… Continue reading Great Stories Part VII: Being a Friend

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Love Trumps Hate.

It’s been… a week.  A hard week to watch unfold around me.  Working with an organization completely dedicated to the education system in this country made the Betsy DeVos hearing videos that much harder to watch.  I’ve barely brought myself to look at any articles about Trump’s inaugural address; the only thing I paid attention… Continue reading Love Trumps Hate.

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Great Stories Part VI: Guardian Angel

T is a student that I believe embodies the traits of a College Possible student: she is motivated, hard-working, and perseveres no matter what. She has been one of my students for both of my terms of service. The entire time I have worked with her she has not been enrolled, but is constantly taking… Continue reading Great Stories Part VI: Guardian Angel

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Great Stories Part V: The Best Version of Yourself

S is a student that is almost impossible not to like. Friendly, responsive (mostly), easy to talk to, and genuinely excited to have College Possible in his life. Like most freshman, the beginning of S’s college experience was towing the line in terms of where he should best spend his time, especially living in the… Continue reading Great Stories Part V: The Best Version of Yourself

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Reflections, the unknown, and resolutions.

2016 was… a year.  Celebrity deaths, the presidential race, international crises, and countless other events have made this past year hard for a lot of people.  However, I don’t want to talk about that.  I want to focus more on what 2016 has meant to me as a whole.  This was the year where I… Continue reading Reflections, the unknown, and resolutions.